Development was and is funded by several projects, grants, institutes and departments:


ÖAW IMAFO ACDH - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities  European Research Council University of Vienna FWF Austrian Science Fund


MEDCON DPP CONNEC Frontier, Contact Zone or No Man's Land Ostalpenraum Revisited


Stefan Eichert
Idea and Concept, CIDOC CRM Adaptions and Mappings

Alexander Watzinger
Software Development, Concept

Jan Belik
Logo and Design Consulting

Daniel Kittel
Quality Assurance


Asil Çetin
Bernhard Koschicek
Christof Rauchenberger
Christoph Hoffmann
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller
Judith Pucher (Digital Laut)
Katharina Winckler
Mihailo Popović
Peter Andorfer
Petra Heinicker
Veronika Gründhammer